Hmmm… Bad Breath? Solutions!

bad breath

Do you suffer from bad breath? Are you constantly aware that you have an odd taste in your mouth or that your mouth just feels the opposite of fresh? Those that suffer from halitosis (bad breath) are constantly worried about their mouths, how close they are to others while they talk, wondering about the people […]

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools!

don't use your teeth as tools

“Don’t use your teeth as tools!” This is a common phrase that you may have heard Dr. Becker say when you are in the office, and hopefully you are following her directions! The thing about this is that a lot of people don’t realize when they are using their teeth in funny ways. Sometimes these things […]

Maintaining Daily Dental Regimes on Vacation

maintaining daily dental regimes

Maintaining daily dental regimes especially while on vacation can be a challenge! With summer in full swing for everyone and traveling is common, at Montclair Smile Design we get it. Long Vacations, quick weekend getaways or even month long travels to other countries pop up on our calendars these lovely summer months. Even as we get […]

Dental Gratitude Time at Montclair Smile Design!


It’s that time of year again where we at Montclair Smile Design like to reflect on the meaning of gratitude and the things we appreciate.  Some of the things are grateful for are dental of course but there are many other things that make our hearts happy! Living in the Bay Area, life is constantly […]

Sonicare Toothbrushes and Why They Rule

sonicare toothbrushes

At Montclair Smile Design, we like to encourage and recommend the best for our patients. There are plenty of tooth brush options out there but Sonicare Toothbrushes take the cake when it comes to the best toothbrush options.  Why is a great toothbrush so vital to your dental health? We believe that a solid foundation in […]

Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment!

kindergarten oral health assessment

Hi Everyone! Today’s blog is on something simple yet oh so important that can easily slip our minds until the very last minute (hello parents!!). Kindergarten oral health assessments (and signed forms) for your child/ren are due before your child enters kindergarten. In addition to the medical forms, don’t forget that you need to have […]

Summer is Here: Fresh Smiles For You!

fresh smiles

Summer time is officially here! Fresh smiles are in order, so it’s time to play teeth catch up. Summer time means sunshine and fun of course but it also means you, most likely, have a little bit more free time. Whether you are taking time off work to reboot, or the kids wanted to go […]

Skin Cancer Awareness and Your Dentist

skin cancer

Skin cancer awareness month is upon us! This whole month of May we bring our focus and attention to our skin. Our lips and the skin around our mouths is just as delicate as other areas and it should not be neglected. How does the dentist play a role in helping you keep your eyes […]

When Your Orthodontist Wants to Extract Teeth…

orthodontist wants to extract teeth

What do you say when your orthodontist wants to extract teeth on you or your child? Has it been recommended because the patient needs more dental space? Before you decide to extract, please read this blog!! It will help you make an informed decision and avoid potential issues that you or your child may encounter […]

Root Canal: The Facts

root canal

Root canal… just the name of it makes some people roll their eyes. But wait!! This procedure really is helpful! They have unfortunately gotten a bad rap because way back when, getting a root canal was extremely painful. These days though that is thankfully not the case: A root canal relieves the pain instead of causing it. […]