National Toothbrush Day!

Sunday June 26th is National Toothbrush Day! Time to switch your toothbrush heads or actual toothbrushes if you still use a manual one. Let’s celebrate your beautiful healthy smile by talking about the wonderful services we offer! Zoom! Teeth Whitening is a common service that you find performed at our office. We love the simple […]

mission statement

Our Mission Statement

You don’t have to be a big business to have a mission statement. As a small business in the heart of the Montclair Village we have a mission statement that we practice by. Our mission statement was created by us as a team many years ago at our annual Team Retreat. This statement has been our creed, even […]

Our Unique Dental Office:

Are you searching for a unique dental office? One that gives you the best dentistry has to offer? One that has the ability to give you the smile you’ve always wanted? One that can provide beautiful AND functional dentistry? Look no further! Montclair Smile Design is like no other dental office you have encountered before. […]

dental education

Dental Education at Montclair Smile Design

Knowledge is power and at Montclair Smile Design we value dental education! Education means more than just acquiring new information. Education is empowering! Education can be life changing. Education brings about stronger people in society. And of course in the dental world, dental education for us brings you better dentistry, and dental education for you […]