dental experience

Our Patient J.D. Talks About His Dental Experience

Each persons dental experience is unique, wouldn’t you agree? Every time you step foot into the dental office you are hoping for the best dentistry, delightful people helping you and an easy progression from start to finish.  At Montclair Smile Design we strive for that positive dental experience for each patient at each of their […]

Things We Love: Farmers’ Markets!

Farmers’ Markets are one of the many things that we love here at Montclair Smile Design. The local farmers’ market in the Montclair Village is rated one of the top farmers’ markets in Oakland… and there are a lot to choose from!  With vendors selling things of all varieties, from fruits and veggies to nuts […]

dental emergency

Dental Emergency: What To Do

Dental Emergency! Broken front tooth. Cracked molar. Dentist, please help! You know that moment you instantly regret crunching down on crusty bread? Or chewing that piece of ice? Ever use your teeth as tools “accidentally” because you just didn’t have the right tool at the right moment?  Snap! Crackle! Pop! A broken tooth, whether one […]


Montclair Smile Design Employee Spotlight

Notice a few new employee faces around our office lately? Well good! That means you’ve been paying attention! We have recently added some new fantastic employees to our team at Montclair Smile Design. Before Lindsay left the practice to go back to school, we welcomed Lauren onto our administrative team. Then Rebecca joined our admin team […]

Inspiration From Montclair Smile Design!

Inspiration comes in many forms. With the amazing summer sun comes a sense of freedom, joy and many varieties of inspiring activities. A few years back at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) meeting that we attend, we had the pleasure of hearing Brene Brown speak to us. Her talk was incredibly inspirational!  She discussed with […]