dental fears

Dental Fears Keeping You From The Dentist?

Have your dental fears been keeping you from visiting the dentist? Did you have a bad experience when you were younger and it changed the way you view going to the dentist? Let us help! At Montclair Smile Design we can help re-establish how great going to the dentist really is!  We know that some […]

dental benefits

Dental Benefits – Don’t Forget to Use Them!

It is almost December (can you even believe it?!) and that means that your dental benefits are going to “expire” soon! Most annual dental benefits are provided between January thru the end of December. Most benefits also do not roll over, meaning that if you do not use them before December 31st you will lose […]

self improvement month

Self Improvement Month!

Happy Self Improvement Month! Along the same theme as last weeks blog (don’t forget the basics!), we are talking about the importance of taking care of yourself.  This is the time to take a step back and reflect on YOU! Take a minute to look at the things that you have always wanted to change […]

hygiene maintenance

Hygiene Maintenance: Never “Just A Cleaning”

At Montclair Smile Design we practice and support all aspects of preventive dentistry, especially regular hygiene maintenance visits!  We never want you to underestimate the importance of having your teeth cleaned on a regular basis, whether that means every three, four or six months. Just as your fingerprints are unique to just you, so is […]

social media

Social Media: Why It Matters

For the last few years you probably have noticed how often the phrase “Social Media” pops up in daily conversation. Sometimes it’s surprising where you hear it…. like at your DENTIST office! You may or may not be surprised to know that we are a part of a few different social media platforms! These modes […]