Be Thankful This Season!

During this holiday season we are thankful for many things! The change in weather, the smells in the air, the shift of attitudes. Thanksgiving was so pleasant, wasn’t it? Being with friends, family and loved ones who most likely traveled a distance. Perhaps they donated a dish from their great grandmothers secret recipe book. Did […]

TMJ disorder

TMJ Disorder- Ouch!

TMJ disorder affects 35 million people in the USA. That’s huge! Do you ever wake up in the morning and realize you had dreamt your teeth crumbled into little bits? Or that your teeth dissolved in your mouth? Then you realize your teeth are actually really sore, your jaw is tense, you have some ringing […]


Ode To Your Toothbrush!

Toothbrush dear toothbrush, let me count the ways, We use you in both the beginning and end of our days! Thank you for cleaning off our teeth and gums, You help us prevent so many problems!   Did you know that Tuesday was National Brush Day? Well it was: Surprise! Very fitting being the day following […]