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Your Dental Strategy 2017

Let us help you with your dental strategy for 2017! We can work together to make sure you accomplish your dental goals this year. At Montclair Smile Design we know there are a lot of things involved with envisioning, creating and then accomplishing dental goals. Finding “the right dentist,” finding the time and planning the […]

5 Tips to Beat Tooth Sensitivity-blog

5 Valuable Tips to Beat Tooth Sensitivity

Gulp – ouch! You just took a sip of your favorite drink and are now experiencing a sharp pain through your teeth. Does this scenario sound familiar? Maybe it’s your favorite hot or cold dish that’s setting off these pains. Either way, you may have sensitive teeth. Several factors could trigger tooth sensitivity pain, including […]

sensitive teeth

Sensitive Teeth: Ouch!

Sensitive teeth are no fun. We have all had that moment when our teeth shout out at us “OUCH!”  Our teeth can suffer from mild to severe cases of sensitivity. This sensitivity can be caused by a multitude of reasons. Let’s explore some causes and possible solutions! Causes of Sensitive Teeth Some foods that we […]

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Happy New Years From MSD!

Happy New Years! Congratulations! We have all made it into 2017!  As many of you know, Montclair Smile Design is a goal- oriented practice: serving our patients! Did you set any new goals for 2017? Did you vow to shed a few pounds? Read that list of books you’ve been meaning to tackle? Go back […]