periodontal disease and heart disease

Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease: Linked!

Periodontal disease and heart disease are two seemingly separate issues, right? Au contraire! Did you know that they are actually linked? Many studies have been done over the past 30 years that show a connection between these two diseases or conditions.  There are several other factors of course that contribute to both issues such as smoking, […]

pet dental care

Pet Dental Care: Their Teeth Matter Too!

Hello all you pet lovers! Your pet dental care matters just like yours does! We know, we know… why is a dental office talking about pet dental care?! Basically here’s why: We love pets and we are quite fond of dentistry 🙂 Although we at Montclair Smile Design do not clean pets teeth (only people […]

children's dental health month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month!

This month is Children’s Dental Health Month! We all know how important it is to take care of our own dental health, but let’s not forget about the kids! During February, dental health for kiddos is celebrated nationally. At Montclair Smile Design we love our tiny patients. How Can We Help Children’s Dental Health? One of […]

February is American Heart Month – Are You Listening?

Since 1964, American presidents have been warning the American public about the very real danger of heart disease. Why? Each year, one out of every three deaths in America is caused by heart disease. This is more than any other deadly disease, including cancer. Because of this, the month of February has been designated as […]