skin cancer

Skin Cancer Awareness and Your Dentist

Skin cancer awareness month is upon us! This whole month of May we bring our focus and attention to our skin. Our lips and the skin around our mouths is just as delicate as other areas and it should not be neglected. How does the dentist play a role in helping you keep your eyes […]

orthodontist wants to extract teeth

When Your Orthodontist Wants to Extract Teeth…

What do you say when your orthodontist wants to extract teeth on you or your child? Has it been recommended because the patient needs more dental space? Before you decide to extract, please read this blog!! It will help you make an informed decision and avoid potential issues that you or your child may encounter […]

root canal

Root Canal: The Facts

Root canal… just the name of it makes some people roll their eyes. But wait!! This procedure really is helpful! They have unfortunately gotten a bad rap because way back when, getting a root canal was extremely painful. These days though that is thankfully not the case: A root canal relieves the pain instead of causing it. […]

sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea: The Struggle is Real

Sleep apnea is a key factor that sleeplessness can be associated with. And we bet you didn’t even know you had it. Let’s dive deeper into this issue together. Sleep is vital to life and how we are able to function. When something begins (or continues) to inhibit that essential element in our daily routines […]