family dental

Montclair Smile Design: Family Dental Practice

Looking for a family dental practice  where you can get your smile make over, your partner can whiten their teeth and your kids can get cleanings? At Montclair Smile Design we have dental services for the whole family. From cosmetic smile make overs to Invisalign to teeth cleanings for your little one we do it all. […]

bad breath

Hmmm… Bad Breath? Solutions!

Do you suffer from bad breath? Are you constantly aware that you have an odd taste in your mouth or that your mouth just feels the opposite of fresh? Those that suffer from halitosis (bad breath) are constantly worried about their mouths, how close they are to others while they talk, wondering about the people […]

don't use your teeth as tools

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools!

“Don’t use your teeth as tools!” This is a common phrase that you may have heard Dr. Becker say when you are in the office, and hopefully you are following her directions! The thing about this is that a lot of people don’t realize when they are using their teeth in funny ways. Sometimes these things […]