Saliva: Not Your Average Spit

Saliva! Let’s talk about it! At Montclair Smile Design we know that the second you saw the title you thought What??! But it is so important for your oral health. Bet you didn’t realize it but it is actually a key factor in preventing gum disease, oral infections and tooth decay. No no no, this […]

fresh smiles

Summer is Here: Fresh Smiles For You!

Summer time is officially here! Fresh smiles are in order, so it’s time to play teeth catch up. Summer time means sunshine and fun of course but it also means you, most likely, have a little bit more free time. Whether you are taking time off work to reboot, or the kids wanted to go […]

root canal

Root Canal: The Facts

Root canal… just the name of it makes some people roll their eyes. But wait!! This procedure really is helpful! They have unfortunately gotten a bad rap because way back when, getting a root canal was extremely painful. These days though that is thankfully not the case: A root canal relieves the pain instead of causing it. […]

national dentist day

National Dentist Day! Let’s Celebrate!

Monday March 6th is National Dentist Day (that’s tomorrow, guys!)! And which two dentists do we love? Dr. Becker and Dr. Catalano! At Montclair Smile Design, we value every aspect of our dental world from the patients to the staff. We would like to honor Dr. Becker and Dr. Catalano in all that they do […]

children's dental health month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month!

This month is Children’s Dental Health Month! We all know how important it is to take care of our own dental health, but let’s not forget about the kids! During February, dental health for kiddos is celebrated nationally. At Montclair Smile Design we love our tiny patients. How Can We Help Children’s Dental Health? One of […]

new years

Happy New Years From MSD!

Happy New Years! Congratulations! We have all made it into 2017!  As many of you know, Montclair Smile Design is a goal- oriented practice: serving our patients! Did you set any new goals for 2017? Did you vow to shed a few pounds? Read that list of books you’ve been meaning to tackle? Go back […]

self improvement month

Self Improvement Month!

Happy Self Improvement Month! Along the same theme as last weeks blog (don’t forget the basics!), we are talking about the importance of taking care of yourself.  This is the time to take a step back and reflect on YOU! Take a minute to look at the things that you have always wanted to change […]

patients love us

Why Our Patients Love Us!

Wonder why our patients love us? Picture this: You just came in for a routine visit. You were welcomed into the office, had an amazing cleaning by our talented hygienists, got a gold star from Dr. Becker or Dr. Catalano (yay no cavities! keep up the good work!). You scheduled your next visit for a […]

dental experience

Our Patient J.D. Talks About His Dental Experience

Each persons dental experience is unique, wouldn’t you agree? Every time you step foot into the dental office you are hoping for the best dentistry, delightful people helping you and an easy progression from start to finish.  At Montclair Smile Design we strive for that positive dental experience for each patient at each of their […]