Dental Appointment: Did You Schedule Yours?


Did you get a call from us reminding you to schedule your dental appointment?  Has it been awhile since we got to see you? Has your schedule been totally bonkers and you forgot to make time for your teeth? Now is the time to take advantage of the few short minutes it will take to schedule a visit with us. Whether it is for a hygiene appointment or to take care of that filling the doctor recommended last time you were in. As you know we are a very proactive practice, anddental appointment staying on top of your appointments will help reduce any potential issues that may arise later on down the road.


Let’s talk about a few things that might surprise you about the difficulties in our day. We know, this is an odd blog topic but let’s be real. We all have things in our day that go well, and things that don’t.  Sometimes acknowledging the hard stuff and talking about it may help to make it a bit better!  One difficulty we face is helping our patients make and keep their dental appointments.  We want our patients to value their dental health as much as we do! We also understand that sometimes life can prevent us from doing the basic things we need for ourselves.  How do we deal? We try to schedule appointments before you leave the practice, send reminder emails about upcoming appointments as well as phone calls to folks who we haven’t gotten to see for awhile. How can you help? Partner with us in our proactive approach and don’t forget to schedule your visits and don’t be shy when we call to encourage you to schedule a dental appointment 🙂

Another difficulty that we face daily is with dental insurance. We know you have a sense of what it’s like dealing with an insurance company. It’s not super fun, right? There are literally thousands of dental insurance plans out there, and almost each and every one has different guidelines and parameters that need to be followed in order for benefits to come to our patients.  We want to be as helpful as possible, helping you maximize the benefits that are available to you. How do we deal? We attempt to have a general understanding of your dental benefits before you come in for a dental appointment. How can you help? Partner with us and keep us in the know when your benefits change, and educate yourself on your dental policy. If there is something about your policy that is very important to you let us know! We take lots of notes 🙂


Our goal at Montclair Smile Design continues to be to provide the best dentistry to you with the best patient service there is. Let’s keep working together to continue achieving this goal!


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