Dental Assistants Recognition Week!

dental assistants

Power to the Dental Assistants! Raise a glass, high five or flash your smile at them! They deserve all the praise we can give them. It is time to recognize our dental assistants and all the hard work they do. This whole week has been nationally dedicated to them. Just as a dental practice wouldn’t work without our fabulous dentists, it wouldn’t run as smoothly and comfortably without our dental assistants.

Meet Our Dental Assistants

At Montclair Smile Design, we have three amazing assistants that we are sure will recognize: Tara, Angela dental assistantsand Ruth (not pictured)!

These ladies have served Dr. Becker and Dr. Catalano for years, and practically know the docs needs before they know themselves! They are responsible, dependable and brilliant assistants. Their efficiency inside the practice and patient care is something that all assistants should strive for.  From simple procedures to complicated Smile Designs, these ladies are on point from start to finish.

All three of these ladies have been dental assistants for over twenty years!! That means a lot mouths, even more teeth and thousands of smiles they have seen come and go. That is quite a bit of experience! In addition to the continuing education hours that the doctors obtain at conferences, our dental assistants do the same. There are always new techniques to learn, new products to investigate and updated instruments to test out. Our assistants are right there with the doctors, learning with them side by side.

dental assistants

Send Tara, Angela and Ruth a Thank You!

Did one of these ladies make your day? They have a knack for doing that! Send them a note telling them how they have impacted your day, week or year. A frequent comment that we hear is how great their memories are for small details shared by our patients regarding their personal lives. We genuinely care about our patients! We love our conversations, moments of joy, appreciation and connection. These ladies truly help set our practice apart from all the rest.

Happy Dental Assistants Recognition Week to the amazing Dental Assistants at Montclair Smile Design! We just wouldn’t be the same without you.


Don’t be shy, post a comment below and tell them how they made you smile!

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