Dental Benefits – Don’t Forget to Use Them!

dental benefits

It is almost December (can you even believe it?!) and that means that your dental benefits are going to “expire” soon! Most annual dental benefits are provided between January thru the end of December. Most benefits also do not roll over, meaning that if you do not use them before December 31st you will lose them.  Seems like a waste doesn’t it?

Remember that tooth Dr. Becker or Dr. Catalano recommended that you have treated and you put it off for some reason or another? Now is the time to take action and utilize your dental benefits to help minimize your out of pocket expenses! Wondering just how many dollars you have left for 2016? This information is available through your dental benefits website, or by  making a quick call to your dental benefits company.  Their automated systems are set up to access this information easily by members.

dental benefits

In addition to utilizing your dental benefits, don’t forget about your flex spending account that you have been contributing to! You have diligently been setting aside these funds all year and of course you wouldn’t want this to disappear either! Flex spending accounts can reimburse you for small things like a new Sonicare toothbrush or bigger things like crowns and night guard copays. Some plans will even provide reimbursement for your portion of Invisalign treatment. Some flex spending plans may have unusual limitations on how you can spend your savings so make sure to double check your specific plan.

At Montclair Smile Design we love to help you achieve your dental goals! We like to utilize all the tools that are at our disposal to help you receive the dental care you need.  Need help deciphering dental insurance jargon? Call us! We can help.  Let’s work together and not let any of your benefits expire!

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