Dental Benefits and the End of the Year

dental benefitsThe end of 2017 is fast approaching and you may still have some dental benefits remaining. We at Montclair Smile Design are amazed at how time flies. We are sure it’s the same for you! Suddenly fall is in the air, Halloween costumes are popping up everywhere and before we know it, December 31st will be upon us. Unfortunately for the dental benefits you have if you don’t use them before the end of the year you will lose them! Let’s not let those valuable dollars go to waste, especially when you pay the premiums every month. For those of you that have treatment that needs to be completed let’s work together to help get it done.

Being able to utilize all of what you have is not always possible. You simply may not need them. Some of you may be lucky enough to only need your two cleanings, two exams and one set of check up x-rays every year.  You may only be in need of a night guard to help protect your teeth. Luckily most dental insurance plans have  coverage for it!  Some of you however may need a few filling or a crown or bridge. Let’s not put that off any longer. We are here to motivate you!

In addition to your dental benefits remaining you may have flexible spending dollars that you need to use. The same thing applies… if you don’t use this you will sadly lose it. Those hard earned dollars that you set aside (tax free!) will disappear. Even something as simple as floss, a new Sonicare toothbrush or our amazing Breath Rx mouthwash and toothpaste system can be paid for with that flex money.

dental benefits

Are you curious just how many dollar you have available? No worries! Here are a few links to some common dental insurance plans. Log in or create a log in to double check what you and/or your family members have left:

  1. Delta Dental of California
  2. Cigna Dental
  3. Metlife Dental
  4. Guardian


If you still have questions about how many dollars you have left to utilize before the end of the year please call us! We love to help our patients make the best use of their benefits.

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