Dental Education at Montclair Smile Design

dental education
dental education

Knowledge is power and at Montclair Smile Design we value dental education!

Education means more than just acquiring new information. Education is empowering! Education can be life changing. Education brings about stronger people in society. And of course in the dental world, dental education for us brings you better dentistry, and dental education for you brings you a healthier mouth.

Here is a quick 10 question Dental IQ test, go ahead and check it out, let us know how you did!

Dental Education

Your dentists here at Montclair Smile Design are continually augmenting their education in one form or another. Did you know that our very own Dr. Chris Catalano teaches at U.O.P. Dental School? He is the Instructor of Integrated Reconstructive Dental Sciences. He is also part of a lecture circuit called Clinical Mastery. This group lectures all over the United States and offers hands on training for dentists who desire to learn from the best! Dr. Catalano has a passion for dental education and whenever he can he attends continuing education courses. His pursuit of bringing his patients the best in this field never ceases. As you can see, education never stops!

Are you or your child in school right now? Are you about to graduate? Congratulations!! This is a phenomenal success! Do you dream of going back to school? DO IT! You will never ever regret increasing your knowledge, empowering yourself or bringing more into society by being educated. Living in the United States nearly everyone has the opportunity to attend school in one way or another. Whether in actual classrooms or online, access to education is readily available. Especially right here in the Bay Area we have access to education everywhere we turn. Take advantage of it!


As you can tell, we are strong supporters of education. Feel free to ask us about any continuing education courses that we attend!


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