Dental Fears Keeping You From The Dentist?

dental fears

Have your dental fears been keeping you from visiting the dentist? Did you have a bad experience when you were younger and it changed the way you view going to the dentist? Let us help! At Montclair Smile Design we can help re-establish how great going to the dentist really is!  We know that some folks have very strong dental fears, so much that their hearts feel like they will beat out of their chest before they even step foot in the door. Luckily, you are here reading this blog.

learning to overcome dental fears and making progress with your oral care.

Dental fears are real. A survey was done researching fears and phobias. The results were that of all the phobias, dental phobia was the most prevalent. Sometimes our emotional connections that get created during high stress/high impact moments in life remain with us into adulthood. How many of you have had or know someone that has a bad connection to the dentist from their childhood? We bet nearly all of you do!

“I have dental fears created by traumatic memories from my childhood. My husband does too, actually. I have even had some from my early adulthood because of shoddy work. A good dentist is hard to find… consider yourself LUCKY that you found Montclair Smile Design!” -Grace F.

How can we help? Our dedication to compassionately providing exceptional dentistry is one of our philosophies. We always care. ALWAYS. That sentiment is felt by all of our patients who walk in the door. And we always provide exceptional dentistry. ALWAYS.  These feelings are like a warm blanket of comfort, psychologically speaking. Plus, we actually give you a warm blanket! During your visit we also provide noise canceling headphones, music, dark glasses and neck pillows to make sure you are physically comfortable while you are with us. We offer nitrous which, for some patients, significantly reduces the anxiety of being in the dental chair.


On top of it all, knowing that you are in capable and caring hands helps you get past your fears and on to creating new emotional connections to positive dental experiences.   At Montclair Smile Design we are happy to help where we can.


Do you have dental fears? Is there something that makes you seize up when you see your dental appointment on the calendar for next week? Let us know, maybe we can help 🙂 Comment below!


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