Full Mouth Reconstruction: Ask your Oakland Dentist!

What is a Full Mouth Reconstruction? Let’s ask your Oakland dentist at Montclair Smile Design! Full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation is the process of restoring a patients full dentition using a combination of dental services. In many cases, Invisalign is used to straighten teeth followed by  restoring multiple teeth. These restorations can be done with new crowns, veneers, bridges, implants and/or fillings. The restored smile is healthy, beautiful and functional. At Montclair Smile Design, we are experts in this area of comprehensive dentistry!

As a new patient of Dr. Anne Becker’s, Ms. Brown came to the practice looking for a second opinion. What could she do about the breakdown she could see happening in her mouth?  She was experiencing visible deterioration, discomfort and could not chew foods properly. After careful record gathering, bite analysis and evaluation, Dr. Becker formed a treatment plan. This treatment would provide Ms. Brown with a new smile that was not only functional but beautiful.

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Dr. Becker began treatment by using the advanced orthodontic technology of Invisalign. She used this technology to move Ms. Brown’s teeth into healthy positions. This included moving the lower canine tooth that was outside the arch back into alignment and into an ideal biting position.  After Invisalign was completed, Ms. Brown’s old crowns, broken down fillings and decay were removed. Each tooth was then beautifully restored using strong porcelain restorations, giving her a new balanced bite and beautiful smile. To protect the new porcelain restorations and keep the joints and muscles healthy, Dr. Becker recommends a night appliance called The E-Appliance. 

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Your Oakland dentist located right in the heart of the Montclair Village has the knowledge and skillset to help bring you a fully restored smile. Contact the practice today at 510-339-0277 for a complimentary consultation! Visit Montclair Smile Design’s Smile Gallery to see other patients who have restored their smiles!


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