Happy New Years From MSD!

new years

Happy New Years! Congratulations! We have all made it into 2017!  As many of you know, Montclair Smile Design is a goal- oriented practice: serving our patients! Did you set any new goals for 2017? Did you vow to shed a few pounds? Read that list of books you’ve been meaning to tackle? Go back to school to finish your degree? OR! did you promise yourself you would take care of your teeth!? Let’s make 2017 the year for YOU!

new years


The thought of New Years evokes a few different emotions or desires in all of us. One thought is that it is a renewal of promises we make to ourselves for self-improvement or self-fulfillment. In the dental world, this means a few additional things. It means a renewal of our dental insurance benefits! It means another segment in time that we can create new goals on how at Montclair Smile Design we can increase our level of service to you, our patients.

What Can You Do To Improve Your Health?

Are you hoping to improve your health this year? Did you know that your dental health is a vital key in your overall health? When you think about it, it’s not too surprising. Your mouth is the gateway to your body. Plaque and tartar harbor bacteria that can cause systemic issues. Doing simple and straightforward things such as getting your routine hygiene maintenances and changing out your electronic toothbrush heads can create healthier mouths. So simple!

Other things that you can do to help your overall health may be more along the lines of a Smile Design. Recreating your teeth shape and bite and even giving you teeth where you previously had none can change how you. It can change how you feel, it can change how you eat, and it can essentially change your overall health.

Make the start of this New Years one full of goals to help yourself become healthier! At Montclair Smile Design we can help. Not sure where you need to start, just know that you need to start somewhere? We offer Complimentary Consultations and can help you establish a customized plan to help you gain the health you deserve! Contact us today!

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