Hmmm… Bad Breath? Solutions!

bad breath

Do you suffer from bad breath? Are you constantly aware that you have an odd taste in your mouth or that your mouth just feels the opposite of fresh? Those that suffer from halitosis (bad breath) are constantly worried about their mouths, how close they are to others while they talk, wondering about the people that they kiss. Bad breath has been known to even spoil relationships! Let’s do something about this, shall we? These folks rely on the dentist that they see for their halitosis as well as their hygienist.  Having halitosis doesn’t mean you are stuck with it for life. There are solutions to your problem!

Five Bad Breath Solutions

  1. Make sure you brush regularly. But don’t forget to floss as well! The bacteria that sneaks in and hides in between your teeth and down under your gums is in places that you your toothbrush (hopefully it’s the Sonicare!) cannot reach. Floss is essential. Use it. bad breath
  2. Most of the time people have their teeth cleaned two times per year. If you suffer from halitosis you may be one of those unique people that need to have their teeth cleaned three or four times a year. No worries! This is not a bad thing. What a simple and straight forward solution, right?
  3. Replace your old broken restorations in your mouth. These will trap and harbor the bacteria that gives off the yucky notable scent that we call bad breath.
  4. Some medical conditions such as diabetes or acid reflux can cause this issue as well. Consult your medical doctor about solutions to those issues and it will assist in correcting your bad breath as well.  Once again, we see that your oral health is connected to your overall health!
  5. Hydrate! Consuming fresh water constantly throughout the day keeps the saliva flowing and inhibits the build up of bacteria. Dry mouth is another contributor to bad breath so this helps as well.


Do you have bad breath? Never fear, we can help! Give us a call today and we can schedule a hygiene maintenance appointment for you and discuss your concerns.

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