Maintaining Daily Dental Regimes on Vacation

maintaining daily dental regimes

Maintaining daily dental regimes especially while on vacation can be a challenge! With summer in full swing for everyone and traveling is common, at Montclair Smile Design we get it. Long Vacations, quick weekend getaways or even month long travels to other countries pop up on our calendars these lovely summer months. Even as we get just a few short weeks closer to school starting for kids and adults alike we try to squeeze in more trips. As wonderful and necessary as these trips are our dental habits seem to suffer a bit while we are away. When we asked people what was the first thing to slip while on vacation it was flossing! Let’s work together and keep your habits going strong while you travel!

Here are a few tips and reminders to help keep up your excellent dental habits even if you are not at home.maintaining daily dental regimes

Maintaining Daily Dental Regimes During Vacation

  1. Bring floss. Even if you end up flossing after breakfast or after lunch instead of at night you’re still flossing. Try to maintain the habit of doing it so you remember how important this element is in your home care. Remember, it takes two weeks to make a habit and only one day to break it.
  2. The new Sonicare toothbrushes hold a charge for 1-2 weeks! Charge those right before you leave and it will likely last you a lot longer than you think. Additionally, with how small the chargers are they are easily packable if you are going on an extended trip.
  3. Bring travel sized toothpaste and mouth rinse. You can find these anywhere.
  4. Don’t forget to pack your night guard. The reasons we wear a night guard on a nightly basis will follow you wherever you go. Pack that too! Your teeth, gums and crowns will thank you later.
  5. And don’t forget… Don’t use your teeth as tools.
Just because you are on vacation doesn't mean your dental habits have to be on vacation too! Maintaining daily dental regimes while on vacation is doable 
with a bit of planning. At Montclair Smile Design we want you to return from your travels with healthy smiles as well as happy ones. 

As always if you need us please let us know! If you haven't programmed our number into your phone here it is: 510-339-0277

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