Stress Awareness Month With Your Montclair Dentist!

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April is a busy month at your Montclair Dentist! Did you know that in addition to April being Oral Cancer Awareness month, it is also Stress Awareness month?  Surprise!  Lets talk about stress a bit, how it relates to you and us (your dentist!) and how to help reduce the stress that seems inevitable in our lives.

Stress Awareness month was started back in 1992, according to the official Stress Awareness Month site. Stress, as we are sure you know, comes from all aspects of our lives. The fast paced living, especially here in the Bay Area, can bring on stress and anxiety just by thinking of the lists we have running in our minds… children, grocery shopping, school, work, fun activities and everything else in between (*ahem, TRAFFIC!)!  Montclair Dentist

In the dental field, we see stress present itself in your mouth! We grind and clench our teeth, during the day and during the night when we are asleep.  Sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing it! This causes headaches, jaw pain and wears down your teeth.  Who wants to add those things to our ever growing list of concerns? To help prevent these dental issues, talk to your dentist about a night guard! These customized appliances will offer relief and help with prevention of issues that you could see down the road.

Getting to the source of your stress is of course crucial, but some things we simply cannot avoid.  But let’s not let that stress drag us down! Instead, let’s take a look at a few things we can do to de-stress our lives. Here are 5 ways to help reduce stress, not only during this month of awareness, but beyond.

The results of the poll at your Montclair Dentist for our top ways of de-stressing? EXERCISE! You will very often see us on our lunch breaks walking around our beautiful town of Montclair! Because we love our careers here in the dental field we want to make sure our minds are clear and bodies are healthy  so that we can keep providing the best and highest quality dentistry to you.


What are some of your favorite ways of kicking stress to the curb? Post them below!

Happy de-stressing!


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