Attitude of Gratitude at Montclair Smile Design!

Montclair Smile Design

At Montclair Smile Design we have a philosophy: Keep an Attitude of Gratitude!Montclair Smile Design

There are so many things that we are grateful for in our world: Our great patients, our fabulous staff, ideal location and community, and of course our own family and friends.  These things enrich our lives and we all would like to stop the hustle and bustle for just a moment to give thanks and show our gratitude!

First off, we are grateful for our amazing patients. The bits of your lives that you bring in to the office each visit and choose to share with us makes each day a brighter day.  We truly feel connected to our patients, from the ones that have been coming since they were 3 years old and are now in their 30’s with kiddos of their own to the ones that are brand new!!!  We appreciate you all.

Our staff! Oh, our staff. If you follow our blog regularly you know how highly we value our talented team members. Each person has their own strengths and with all of them combined we are like a super hero team! It’s a joy to come to work and participate in making the dental world a better place with these folks.

Montclair Smile Design has been located in the Montclair Village for the past 30+ years! This ideal location has been something we have been immensely grateful for. The community here brings yet another bright spot into our daily lives. Walking through the Village, watching how things have changed over the years and forming friendships with local merchants has been an incredible part of life. Thank you Montclair for all the years so far!

And last but not least, we cannot forget our own family and friends, our own small personal communities we have created as we move through life. Thank you all for your love, for your support and for the strength you give us daily to conquer challenges and celebrate success!

Join us the rest of this month as we acknowledge daily one thing that we are grateful for, big or small!! Feel free to share with us if you like in the comments below.montclair smile design


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