Montclair Smile Design Employee Spotlight


Notice a few new employee faces around our office lately? Well good! That means you’ve been paying attention! We have recently added some new fantastic employees to our team at Montclair Smile Design. Before Lindsay left the practice to go back to school, we welcomed Lauren onto our administrative team. Then Rebecca joined our admin team just a few short weeks ago! Additionally we very recently welcomed two new hygienists into the practice as well: Kristina on Mondays and Erika on Fridays! Every employee, new or seasoned, is important to us and it’s important to us that they are important to you as well. Each member of our team brings a different dynamic that we love!

This month we are officially welcoming Lauren and helping you all get to know her just a little bit more. She is a treasure that we are so grateful to have discovered! Lauren and her bubbly peremployeesonality joined our team in November 2015. Compared to other places that she has worked, Lauren says that by far Montclair Smile Design is the most organized and has the friendliest team yet!  “The relaxed environment really encourages easy and fun friendships to form and everyone is so willing to help with anything!”

Not only will you recognize Lauren by her upbeat nature but by her constant efforts to always do anything she can for any employee and any patient. Lauren never gives up which is one of the many reasons we are lucky to have her! When she is away from MSD, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, friends and her adorable dog. She loves cooking, hiking and enjoys all that the Montclair Village has to offer. Lauren can often be spotted at the Montclair Farmer’s Market on Sundays! As a newer arrival to the Bay Area Lauren got to choose a new favorite food spot: Wood Tavern Restaurant (yum! and GREAT choice Lauren!).

Welcome to Montclair Smile Design Lauren, as well as the rest of our new employees!  We are happy you have joined us 🙂


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