Montclair Smile Design: Love To Laugh!


At Montclair Smile Design we value exceptional dentistry, quality care, health and we love to laugh!

First off, lets start here.  And then, go here! Who doesn’t love a good laugh? And as you are all well aware…. we love cats!! We bet you feel better right now than you did when you first clicked on our blog. The power of laughter is real. Laughter is infectious. Laughter is a cure.


Laughter can be a short term cure for stress. According to the MayoClinic, the effects of laughter on the human body are measurable and verifiable. If you read this article, it will go into detail about all the wonderful things laughter can do for you. Most likely everyone you know including yourself already loves to laugh, goof off and smile.  But did you know that the benefits of laughter are wide ranging, and not only reduces stress but it improves your overall immune system? The power of positive thinking has strong physiological effects on your body. Yay!! It’s like free therapy for the body and soul.


At Montclair Smile Design, we have continued our daily attitude of gratitude (hopefully you read last week!) and this next week we are focusing on being grateful for the laughter and fun in our daily lives. The more energy we spend on happiness and laughter, the less we think about the other things that may pull us down. Don’t be surprised if you walk in to the office and hear laughter! We have fun, we have fun together and we have fun witlaughh our patients!

There are definitely moments in our days where laughter is the last thing on our minds, but take a moment, step back and find another funny cat video. Have a good chuckle, turn that frown upside down and face the day!

What makes you laugh? Any good jokes? Funny YouTube videos? Share share share! We love to laugh!

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