National Dental Hygiene Month!

dental hygiene

Dental hygiene: We’ve said it before and we will say it again. Good dental hygiene is the basis for all healthy mouths! Since this month we celebrate National Dental Hygiene month, we are giddy to share with you the delightful secrets we have in regards to brushing your pearly whites… and flossing too!

dental hygiene

It’s common knowledge that you should brush twice a day with flossing somewhere in there as well. But which should come first? Brushing or flossing? Technically it doesn’t matter which comes first just as long as you do both! Brushing your teeth can only remove so much plaque. There is simply no way to get all the business out from in between your teeth unless you floss, and with the proper floss too.  Excellent home care not only makes for healthy teeth but for healthy gums!


Dental hygiene isn’t only what you do at home, but also includes coming to see us at least twice a year. Our experienced dental hygienists are here to help you stay on track with your dental care and help catch anything that may be turning into something not so good. Even with stellar home care there are areas in your mouth that need our assistance on a regular basis. Ever notice the special glasses your hygienist wears during your visit? Those aren’t just a fashion statement 🙂 They are magnification glasses called loupes and they help our hygienists to see your teeth up close and personal so that they can evaluate your dentition closely.


Brushing your teeth is second nature to you at this point. Half of us rarely brush for the full two minutes we are supposed to and when we do we are doing something else at the same time and therefore not really paying attention to our technique. During each new patient exam at Montclair Smile Design, Dr. Becker and Dr. Catalano review technique of brushing. We know, we know…. basics. BUT! Basics are what help us build a solid foundation. Brush at a 45 degree angle for 2 minutes per session. Don’t press too hard! Gentle pressure is all that is needed to remove soft plaque. The new Sonicare tooth brushes (highly recommended!) even have a sensor that alerts us when we are pressing too hard.


From angles to floss types, we have your basic dental hygiene answers. Comment below if you have a question or feel free to contact our office in any other method!

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