National Toothbrush Day!


Sunday June 26th is National Toothbrush Day! Time to switch your toothbrush heads or actual toothbrushes if you still use a manual one. Let’s celebrate your beautiful healthy smile by talking about the wonderful services we offer!Toothbrush

Zoom! Teeth Whitening is a common service that you find performed at our office. We love the simple things that make us and our patients happy, and whitening teeth is one of those things. Having brighter smiles are proven to make you smile bigger and more often. Our everyday habits such as coffee and tea consumption stain our teeth.  Zoom! is a quick two hour in-office service where you leave with your teeth shades lighter* than when you first came in.

Invisalign is another service that we absolutely love! Invisalign is not a new concept but in case you haven’t heard of it let us enlighten you. Invisalign is essentially clear braces (ta-da!) that will help you align your teeth to be in a better position for chewing and straighter position to make hygiene easier and the cherry on top is they will look better too! Dr. Becker and Dr. Catalano are skilled at helping you create the smile you deserve with the impressive tool Invisalign!

Dr. Becker and Dr. Catalano not only are skilled with Invisalign but with the art of cosmetic dentistry. Both of these doctors have helped many patients smile again, and be proud of their smiles! Check out our Smile Gallery to see what our doctors can do. Smile Designs or cosmetic dentistry truly is an art. You wouldn’t want just anyone working on your teeth and we understand that. See what we can do for you, browse our website or call for a complimentary consultation.


Let’s celebrate our bristly toothbrushes that have a dirty job to do! Raise ’em up and say thanks!


*Results may vary, certain shades cannot be guaranteed.


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