New In Town? Our Oakland Dentist Welcomes You!

oakland dentist


Oakland Dentist

Are you new in town and looking for a dentist? Let our Oakland dentist be one of the first to welcome you! Our dental practice, Montclair Smile Design, is in the heart of the Montclair Village! Besides all the other craziness that comes along with a move, finding a new dentist shouldn’t be super challenging. Finding the RIGHT dentist takes a little more than a quick sweep thru the internet.  Let’s talk about a few places to begin your search.

Ask New Neighbors or New Friends About Their Oakland Dentist

Sometimes the best places are found by word of mouth referrals. Our friends and members in our communities are people that we trust. Their opinions matter! In a sea of so many options, they can at least point you in a good direction to begin searching. These people have the inside scoop on how their office runs and what the dentist is like.

Check With Your Dental Insurance CompanyOakland Dentist

If you are mindful of your out of pocket expenses when it comes to your dental treatment, you can always utilize your dental insurance company. They can offer you a list of providers that accept their insurance. These lists won’t tell you how good a dentist is of course, but once again it is at least a direction in which to get started.

Narrow Down Your Options, Then Consult Social Media!

After you have utilized both your friends and close community members as well as your dental insurance company, take the options you have found and turn to the lovely world wide web! Thanks to review platforms such as Google+, Yelp, Facebook and even Twitter, you can read what other people are saying about your potentials. As with anything, be cautious when evaluating reviews. Read several from different periods of time to get a well rounded version of the practice you are looking in to.


Don’t let choosing a new dentist be a burden! You and your families dental health is important to keep up on despite the craziness that a move can bring.

Need help getting your records transferred to us from another practice? No problem, we can help! A simple signature is required to enable us to request records.  Let us know if we can help in any other way, just comment below!


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