Oral Cancer Awareness Month!

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Did you know that this whole lovely month of April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month? Well it is!

Lets take a moment to review what this means for you and your relationship with us, your dentist!


Oral cancer is a part of the category of head and neck cancers. Cancer cells can begin anywhere in your mouth, including the lips, tongue, saliva glands, nose and throat. Who better to partner with than your dentist to make sure you are maintaining a cancer-free mouth! At your hygiene visits you may recall the hygienist asking you to stick out your tongue as well as the neck massage you get. This is part of our oral cancer screening! All complimentary to you just for getting your teeth cleaned.  This is another way we encourage overall wellness.

As your partner in dental health, we are here to help. Our doctors and hygienists are full of information to answer any questions you may have. We have a variety of resources to assist you with any concerns that may arise. In addition to our routine exams, we offer an in office test that we utilize to  help determine if you do or do not have oral HPV. OralDNA HPV testing is a noninvasive swish test method of keeping this monitored. As is the case with any situation, early detection is always best. In the dental field we have seen an increase of cases of oral HPV in teens and young adults.  Don’t let age affect how you view susceptibility. Unfortunately you are never too old or too young.

Ever seen someone “vaping”? We bet you have! These prevalent e-cigarettes are yet another method that is linked to the cause of oral cancer. It is thought that the liquid part of the e-cigarette contains things that are not monitored. The FDA currently does not regulate these materials so there are no rules as to what can be in them. Here is one dental resource to view some statistics about e-cigarettes.


If you have any questions or comments, please post below! We are always happy to hear from you!

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