Our Mission Statement

mission statement

You don’t have to be a big business to have a mission statement. As a small business in the heart of the Montclair Village we have a mission statement that we practice by. Our mission statement was created by us as a team many years ago at our annual Team Retreat. This statement has been our creed, even before it was created! Simple, straight forward and true. Dr. Becker and Dr. Catalano’s passion for dentistry is mirrored by each of the staff members and is reiterated here in our mission statement:

At Montclair Smile Design, our team is committed to providing the highest quality dental experience to patients who desire exceptional care. Our progressive dental practice prides itself in educating our patients to create healthy and beautiful smiles with compassion and the latest technology.

Our mission statement is a daily reminder of what motivates us, and it helps to let our patients know that we are here for them with their optimal dental health at the forefront of our minds! This statement is posted in our waiting room so that anyone and everyone coming in to our practice can see what we live by.  This statement additionally shows that we are not stagnant or complacent with our dental practices. We are constantly bettering ourselves so that we can better your dental health. Every year we revisit our mission statement and discuss if any of it needs to be changed.

mission statement

 The goal with this blog today is simply to help show you that your smile is what drives us! Smiles are a powerful tool, don’t you want yours to shine? Here is a Ted Talk about how life altering a smile can be! From the necessary basics of having your teeth cleaned to having a full mouth reconstruction, we do it all… and we do it RIGHT!

Message us below if you have any questions or comments. As usual feel free to call us as well, the old fashioned way! 🙂

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