Our Patient J.D. Talks About His Dental Experience

dental experience

Each persons dental experience is unique, wouldn’t you agree? Every time you step foot into the dental office you are hoping for the best dentistry, delightful people helping you and an easy progression from start to finish.  At Montclair Smile Design we strive for that positive dental experience for each patient at each of their visits regardless of what is scheduled, be it a cleaning or getting a crown on a broken tooth.


Our Patient J.D. Talks About His Dental Experience

When J.D. first came to our office, he wanted a brighter smile with straighter teeth. As a teenager J.D. had traditional braces but never wore his retainer! Over the next 20+ years his teeth shifted. Because of the malpositioned teeth fractures, cracks and breaks kept happening.  J.D. also, just like many of us, wanted his teeth whiter as well. After meeting with Dr. Becker, they created a game plan, including Invisalign, teeth whitening with Zoom! and a few restorative crowns.invisalign_logo_tagline_color_cmyk_large

“After meeting with Dr. Becker and her staff, I felt confident and excited about doing dental work. It was just time to take care of my teeth! Every time I went in to the office, everyone knew my name, knew my plan and even remembered that my son was starting 2nd grade soon. This office is more than a dental office. I actually looked forward to coming to the dentist… How many people can say that?”

Advice to Others Looking For an Unforgettable Dental Experience

J.D. is just one of many patients who had the dental experience we all want you to have!

His advice to others? “Go to Montclair Smile Design and everything else will fall into place.”


That is quite a compliment to our practice and we thank J.D. for it!


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