Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease: Linked!

periodontal disease and heart disease

Periodontal disease and heart disease are two seemingly separate issues, right? Au contraire! Did you know that they are actually linked? Many studies have been done over the past 30 years that show a connection between these two diseases or conditions.  There are several other factors of course that contribute to both issues such as smoking, obesity and general genetic dispositions. However, periodontal disease is a major player! Knowing that periodontal disease contributes to poor heart health makes us think twice about our teeth. Doesn’t it seem like taking care of your teeth is kind of a twofer now?

How Are Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease Linked?

Throughout these stperiodontal disease and heart diseaseudies that have been done over the years that we have followed, a common thread is found. People with periodontal disease have a history of a heart condition whether it is an accumulation of plaque in arteries or an actual stroke or heart attack. Some studies have been done with a very interesting find. The chemical make up of the plaque found in your arteries has the same chemical components as the plaque and bacteria in the mouth of a periodontal patient! How incredible is that?

What Can You Do?

For starters, keep up on your regular cleanings and visits with your dentist. It may seem like a task that can be pushed off for weeks or months if you brush extra long each day. Unfortunately, as great as extra brushing is, it will not replace the work of a professional hygienist. Your hygienist has very specific training and dental instruments that enable them to get to places you cannot and to treat issues in a way that we cannot at home. When we avoid flossing and brushing, our gums become inflamed. This inflammatory response is a big factor contributing to heart disease according to past studies.

At Montclair Smile Design, we are believers in total body health beginning with our mouths. These studies continue to be done to find out just how much one contributes to the other. So far the evidence is irrefutable. Periodontal disease and heart disease are linked and taking care of your periodontal health can improve your chances of avoiding heart disease. Keeping your mouth healthy is vital to healthy living!


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