Pet Dental Care: Their Teeth Matter Too!

pet dental care

Hello all you pet lovers! Your pet dental care matters just like yours does! We know, we know… why is a dental office talking about pet dental care?! Basically here’s why: We love pets and we are quite fond of dentistry 🙂 Although we at Montclair Smile Design do not clean pets teeth (only people teeth!)pet dental care, our local veterinarian businesses do! There are a few places that we can help recommend to you depending on where you live and what kind of veterinary experience you seek.

Pet Dental Care: The Basics

Your pet needs to have its teeth cleaned as often as you can manage. Even three times per week can help significantly for your pets dental care, especially dogs and cats. We know that for humans cleaning your teeth daily is imperative and with pets its slightly less imperative but equally important to be consistent. Actual teeth brushing can be tricky unless your pet is calm, relaxed and even a tad on the sleepy side. There are some treats for your pet that can assist in keeping their teeth clean.

pet dental care

Why Does Pet Dental Care Matter?

Taking care of your pets teeth is just like taking care of your own. Preventing problems before they even begin is something that we should all practice. Animal dental tooth decay happens in the same process that it does with humans: Plaque builds up on the tooth surface, begins to harden and becomes tartar or calculus. This substance breaks down the hard outer shell called enamel which causes the tooth to be weakened and susceptible to decay.




Just like we need to have our teeth cleaned daily as well as every 3-6 months by a professional, so do our pets. Let’s not forget about them! Their teeth matter too. Here are a few local places that have been helpful to us and our staff members for their pets and pet needs:

Montclair Veterinary Hospital 

Broadway Pet Hospital 

Holistic Veterinary Care


Let us know if you have any questions about your own dental care! We love to help in any way we can, even if it’s to help your pet 🙂


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