Pregnant? Don’t Neglect the Dentist!


Pregnant? Congratulations!! We are thrilled for you and your family. At Montclair Smile Design we understand that you have a plethora of appointments and things on your to-do list now… but please don’t neglect going to the dentist. You still need to take care of yourself, and taking care of your oral health has a great impact on your pregnancy.  The American Dental Association notes that poor dental health throughout pregnancy has been associated with “premature delivery, intrauterine growth restriction, gestation diabetes and preeclampsia.” Here are a few things you maybe didn’t know about the changes that can take place dentally while you are pregnant.

Why Going to the Dentist While You’re Pregnant Matters pregnant

According to the American Dental Association, as many as half of all pregnant women end up with pregnancy gingivitis. Gum inflammation and irritation is common. Brushing and flossing twice a day will help prevent this gingivitis from making a permanent home in your mouth. Your dental hygienist may also recommend an extra cleaning to help. Delta Dental of California as well as some other insurance companies will even allow payment for an extra cleaning or two if you are pregnant.

Morning sickness is TERRIBLE. We know… there is not one good part of it. Unfortunately having morning sickness, no matter what time of day it actually happens, increases the acids in your mouth. This in turn creates an increased susceptibility for cavities because the protective enamel gets broken down by these acids. Be sure to carry some mouth wash with you to help neutralize the acids. Rinsing with water will be helpful as well.

Need dental work like cavities filled or a root canal done? This doesn’t usually prove to be a problem during pregnancy. However, your dentist and/or your OBGYN may have opinions about which trimester you get the work done in. Some think that non urgent items can wait until the second trimester. To be safe, double check with your providers.


Being pregnant is so exciting! Help you and help your child by continuing to be diligent with your dental care. Questions or concerns? Comment below or contact our practice directly at 510-339-0277.

Congratulations again!


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