Skin Cancer Awareness and Your Dentist

skin cancer

Skin cancer awareness month is upon us! This whole month of May we bring our focus and attention to our skin. Our lips and the skin around our mouths is just as delicate as other areas and it should not be neglected. How does the dentist play a role in helping you keep your eyes out for suspicious skin lesions?

Skin Cancer and Your Dentist- We can help!

Not only will your dentist and the dental professionals that care for you at your appointments manage your dental health, they also will keep an eye out for anything suspicious on your skin. Our well trained professionals do screenings for oral cancer at your hygiene visits by doing a visual check inside your mouth and a palpation of your neck. They do visual checks of your lips and the skin around your mouth, noting anything suspicious. Your dental practice is a key player in helping you identify lesions that need attention. According to the lips are a commonly overlooked site for nonmelanoma skin cancer. The majority of the population goes to the dentist so what better place to have an extra set of eyes? Yet another reason to keep up your dental visits 🙂

SPF Lip Balm? Yes Please!!!

Skin cancer skin cancer

At Montclair Smile Design, we know how important it is to moisturize and protect your lips. That’s why we give complimentary SPF lip balms to our patients! Our lip balm has 15 SPF to help protect the delicate lip tissues from the harshness of the sun. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin cancer is the most common skin cancer in the United States. Don’t forget to utilize this important protective tool!

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Skin cancer is not something to take lightly. Early detection leads to early treatment and higher success rates. If you are concerned about a family history of  skin cancer, make sure you let your dentist and hygienist know!

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