Sleep Apnea: The Struggle is Real

sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a key factor that sleeplessness can be associated with. And we bet you didn’t even know you had it. Let’s dive deeper into this issue together.

Sleep is vital to life and how we are able to function. When something begins (or continues) to inhibit that essential element in our daily routines we need to step back and figure out what that issue is. How many of you have woken up restless and exhausted, feeling like you didn’t sleep a single wink? And how many of you have been feeling that way for days, weeks or months? At Montclair Smile Design, your sleep patterns are part of our questionnaires when you begin at our practice. Did you know that during your dental visits your dentist and your hygienist are looking for signs of sleep apnea?  Let’s take a look at some possible signs you may have sleep apnea.sleep apnea

Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

  1. Snoring
  2. Being tired all the time
  3. Times during sleep where you pause breathing
  4. You have high blood pressure
  5. You are overweight

There may be other signs as well, but this is a good start to perhaps jump start your thought process.

Why Does it Matter That I Have Sleep Apnea?

Having sleep apnea means that there are multiple periods during your night sleep that you pause your breathing. Doing this causes your body to have to work harder to keep that ideal oxygen ratio in your system so you can, you guessed it, stay alive. Sleep is supposed to be a time where your body, heart and mind rest. But with sleep apnea, nothing gets to truly rest. It actually has to work harder! Because of this, you are more susceptible to long term health issues (source).

At the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conference held in San Fransisco in 2015, we heard Dr. Brock Rondeau speak. He suggested that one of the many reasons we clench and grind our teeth at night was to help maintain or create airways. Children do this, in addition to adults. The wear and tear on our teeth indicate not only a stressful nights sleep, but potentially one that has infrequent breathing. Interesting thought, isn’t it?

Thinking that maybe you have sleep apnea? Here is a website that may answer questions you may have. Prefer to talk to a real human instead? No problem! Give us a call today and schedule a consultation with either Dr. Becker or Dr. Catalano. They can help you decide if you do have sleep apnea and if so, which treatment path to take to help you! There are several mouth appliances that can be utilized to help alleviate your sleep apnea and get you some real sleep!




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