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We see you over there, crusin’ social media on your phone, texting, or taking a dental selfie before your appointment!  Don’t be shy! Grab our “I Heart My Dentist” sign, take a selfie and tag us!  As always, don’t forget to check in on Facebook while you’re here. We love social media shout outs on any of our platforms.  Here is our Facebook,  Insta, Yelp!,  DemandForce  and our Twitter.  Luckily, our phones are the link to everything these days. They are our lifelines and we rarely leave home without them! So jumping on our wifi to do these things are easy peasy. Side note: How crazy is it that we have this magnificent tool in the palm of our hands that gives us access to ANYTHING?  We can find directions to anywhere, email coworkers, review the businesses that we frequent, even check availability of a hotel in Japan! ANYTHING! Our website is mobile friendly, making it easier for people like you to check our website, read reviews from other patients and even leave a review yourself. All from the waiting room 🙂

social media

At Montclair Smile Design our patients are encouraged to communicate with us about their experiences with their recent appointments.  We love to hear them! In fact, your positive feedback helps us out as a business in our local community when you do! As we are sure you are aware, people searching for a new dentist are referred to an office based off of word of mouth from a friend or family member. But! A surprising 85% will chose a dentist (or new business) based off of an internet search and reading reviews!  We are sure you have had an awesome dental experience while here at our practice, with either Dr. Becker or Dr. Catalano or one of our staff members.  Why not share that great experience with others who are also searching for the same?


Hop on Facebook and “like” our page or simply check in while you’re here!  We are always happy to see when our patients show their support for our dental practice. Happy posting!


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