Social Media: Why It Matters

social media

For the last few years you probably have noticed how often the phrase “Social Media” pops up in daily conversation. Sometimes it’s surprising where you hear it…. like at your DENTIST office! You may or may not be surprised to know that we are a part of a few different social media platforms! These modes of connection to our patients outside of the dental office are very important to us and help us maintain that “we are human beings not just dental folks” feel.  We love knowing that you took a trip to visit your grandkids! We love seeing pictures of your 20th High School Reunion!  We especially love seeing you post about visits to your dentist…:)  At Montclair Smile Design, real life matters to us just as much as dentistry. Enter: Social Media!

social media social media social media social mediaWe would like to encourage anyone and everyone to join our circles of social media: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram.  We wont cram up your feed with a constant onslaught of dental information, but will help include you in things that may be going on at the office, promotions or special events, new blog posts or just funny cat videos!

By the way, did you all know that Dr. Becker recently social mediawelcomed two new kittens into her home? Angela rescued some kittens (as usual! Angela to the rescue!) and Dr. Becker adopted the twins! She has officially joined the crew of cat loving ladies here at the office.  Loving your kittens? Funny cat videos to share? Post them to one or all of our pages! We all love to see them.

A recurring theme with our office, one that helps set us apart from all the rest, is how much we enjoy our patients and the lives they lead. We also enjoy hearing your feedback about your experiences at our practice and we know that this social media business is another way for your voices to be heard. Use it!

Thank you for being a part of our dental family! We value each and every one of you.


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