The Spooky Truth About Sugar and Our Teeth!


Happy Halloween to all our friends in the cyber universe!


As this spooky holiday is literally right around the corner we at Montclair Smile Design are going to the take opportunity to chat a little about the sugar treats we get at this time of year. They are delicious (peanut butter cups!!!) and a fun treat to indulge in but we need to remember what those treats can do to our teeth.

The Basics

In order to understand the effects of sugar, let’s go back to the basics. Our teeth are covered by a protective covering called enamel. This natural line of defense is meant to hinder clusters of bacteria or substances from entering the inner part of each tooth. That cluster of bacteria is called plaque, and it feeds on sugar from the food and drinks that we consume. The more sugary particles the plaque has to feed off of, the more acids get produced. These acids eat away at the enamel on your teeth… bummer. Guess what that means: cavity. *Queue scary music!

If you read our post a few weeks ago about saliva you’ll remember that our spit helps clear bacteria and other bad bugs off your teeth. HOWEVER! The mighty saliva can only do so much in protecting us against the sugar bugs. We need to be proactive in the fight. There seems to be sugar in literally everything we consume so other than calling it quits on sugar entirely, we need to be diligent on cleaning it off our precious teeth.

During a time like Halloween when we are constantly bathing our teeth in sugar, let’s try and remember to be extra awesome and thorough at brushing and flossing. Particles hide in all the nooks and crannies on and around our teeth so please don’t forget the floss!

Questions? Comments? Post below! Have a fun and safe Halloween, friends!


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