Sports Guards and Mouth Guards!

sports guards

April is National Facial Protection Month.  Don’t forget to protect your mouth with sports guards or mouth guards! Many of us play sports ourselves or our children do. Protecting their teeth and yours during those fun sports games and practices is vital to keeping our pearly whites as long as possible.  At Montclair Smile Design we can get you custom fit for this type of appliance as well as others.

sports guardsWhat are the benefits of wearing sports guards?

When we (or our children) are playing rough and tough sports, our teeth are at risk. Football, baseball, hockey, basketball, skateboarding, boxing and wrestling are just a few sports where our teeth are vulnerable. According to this website here, the American Dental Association estimates that approximately 10-20% of sports injuries are to the face/teeth. By wearing a sports guard we can’t stop a ball from smacking us in the face…. BUT! We can reduce its negative effects: dental trauma. Wearing a guard helps prevent tooth fractures, loss of a tooth and repositioning of a tooth. Sports guards can also help protect our jaws from fracture as well.

I don’t need a “sports guard.” Do I need to protect my mouth still?

In addition to protecting our mouths during the day, we like to remind our patients of the mouth protection that is needed at night. Many of our patients already wear a night guard. If you aren’t yet, what’s stopping you? During the night we have no control over what we do with our mouths. Grinding, clenching and other things like that are totally beyond our control. The only thing that we can do is protect! So let’s do it!

Do you need a mouth guard for the sports you play or for the night? Give us a call today at 510-339-0277 and schedule an appointment with either Dr. Becker or Dr. Catalano to have a custom guard made just for you.

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