Summer is Here: Fresh Smiles For You!

fresh smiles

Summer time is officially here! Fresh smiles are in order, so it’s time to play teeth catch up. Summer time means sunshine and fun of course but it also means you, most likely, have a little bit more free time. Whether you are taking time off work to reboot, or the kids wanted to go to day camp, take advantage of the time and do something for you! Get your teeth cleaned, fix that cavity the doctor has been talking about or whiten your teeth! 

Are your teeth plans a bit bigger than that? Have you been thinking about a smile makeover or Invisalign? Summer time is the perfect time to do it. Our office has appointments to help assist you in freshening up your smile, whichever way you need.

What Does Summer Mean For You? fresh smiles

For Kaitlin, she likes to have her teeth cleaned and whitened every summer and winter. “These are the perfect times because it means I don’t have to miss work since my company is already on vacation!”  

William chooses to do his non urgent cavities during the summer. “I like using most of my dental benefits in the middle of the year. That way I know I’ve used them before the crazy end of year rush.” 

Fresh smiles make all the difference! There are many reasons that we all play teeth catch up in the summer time. It also helps to make us feel refreshed and rejuvenated to get us through the second half of the year. Never underestimate the power of a freshly cleaned smile! 

Do you have an extra day here or there and you are looking to freshen up your smile? Give us a call and schedule your cleaning, whitening session or any other dental need you may have. At Montclair Smile Design we are here to support your dental needs.

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