Support Your Local Business!

local business

Support your local business! It’s highly likely a phrase that you hear quite often.  But why? Why do we care? We care because supporting local businesses, especially those right here in the Montclair Village, helps to keep our communities alive and thriving. We understand that life is crazy and  busy and that sometimes ordering things online just makes life simpler. But lets not forget our fellow brick and mortar businesses here in the Village.

Supporting a Few of Our Llocal businessocal Business Favorites!

At Montclair Smile Design we are an active bunch. From hiking to yoga, CrossFit to the gym, we all enjoy being active (and not just for the fun of wearing active wear🙂 ). One of our favorite yoga spots is right here in the Village: Mountain Yoga.  They have classes for all yoga levels throughout each day of the week.  Need a new set of workout clothes or running shoes? Montclair Sports has the variety of exercise wear and the level of expertise that you need to help ensure that you get the proper fitting shoe for your footwear needs. Looking for a new bike to hit the trails on? Rhythm Bikes in Montclair has amazing selection as well as vast experience in biking.

More Than Just Your Average Dental Office

We are more than just a dental office! We are supporters of local business, lovers of food, pet owners, parents, etc. We love being a part of our community and all that comes with it. Local shopping, local eating, local living. At Montclair Smile Design, we are here to serve your dental needs.  As a multifaceted dental practice, we are here to help you maintain or achieve a healthy smile!

Let’s help to keep our lovely community alive and thriving. Next time you’re tempted to hop online and buy things from online vendors, hop in the car instead and come on down to the village to peruse your local options. And next time you are in need of amazing dentistry, you know where to find us: In the heart of Montclair Village.

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