TMJ Disorder- Ouch!

TMJ disorder

TMJ disorder affects 35 million people in the USA. That’s huge! Do you ever wake up in the morning and realize you had dreamt your teeth crumbled into little bits? Or that your teeth dissolved in your mouth? Then you realize your teeth are actually really sore, your jaw is tense, you have some ringing in your ears and a headache?  All of those things can indicate that you clench and grind your teeth in your sleep. Some of us even do it during the day without even realizing it! We carry quite a bit of stress in our mouth/jaw area. Remember to be gentle with your pearly whites though. These little dears have to last us our lifetime. tmj disorder

What Is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder is a direct result from clenching and grinding. It can present itself as ringing in your ears (called tinnitus), headaches mild to severe, or clicking and popping when you chew.  Poor posture and previous trauma can add or cause this disorder as well.

What You Can Do!

As most patients are aware, a night guard is the number one dentally recommended remedy for clenching and grinding. At Montclair Smile Design we highly recommend our patients to be wearing a night appliance. The E-Appliance is a common and highly effective appliance that our patients utilize to alleviate pain from clenching and grinding. Our patients also use it to protect existing dentistry they have in their mouths, such as crowns and veneers.

The pain from TMJ doesn’t have to plague you for the rest of your life. We can help!

If you would like to read a little more about TMJ disorder, The MayoClinic is an excellent reputable source to turn to with extra questions. If you would like an actual human (like your dentist!) to answer questions for you, we are here! Both Dr. Becker and Dr. Catalano have years of experience working with patients that have TMJ issues.

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