Why Our Patients Love Us!

patients love us

Wonder why our patients love us? Picture this: You just came in for a routine visit. You were welcomed into the office, had an amazing cleaning by our talented hygienists, got a gold star from Dr. Becker or Dr. Catalano (yay no cavities! keep up the good work!). You scheduled your next visit for a few months down the line, you leave the office and hear yourself say, “Man, I have the best dentists EVER!” patients love us


Why is it that our patients love us so much? What do we do that makes us different from all the rest? Quite a bit actually but first and foremost: We are REAL. We genuinely care about every individual that comes in the door seeking the best dentistry around.  Our doctors and staff have hearts the size of Texas and we like to believe that what we put out to our patients is what we get right back.

A short time ago, a patient called the office stating she had just broken a veneer off of her front tooth that her previous dentist did. She was the keynote speaker at a presentation that began within a few hours. She was frantic! Despite the already packed schedule, we had her come in so we could see what we could do. As she arrived, we assessed the tooth to determine what kind of repair was needed so that she could make it to her presentation in time. With the help of our front office staff, assistants and doctors, this patient was in and out within an hour! And her tooth looked AMAZING. Our patient was thrilled! Such satisfaction from our patient and the appreciation from her that followed was touching.

patients love us

At Montclair Smile Design we tend to go the extra mile for our patients on an hourly basis. Be it special/custom reminders to help patients make their appointments, squeezing in a last minute emergency visit or going to battle with an insurance company, we will do it for our patients!  Visit our reviews to read what some of our patients have to say about their experiences with us.

Is there something you would like to see at our practice? Is there something that might make life a little easier for you in regards to our practice?

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