Your Dental Strategy 2017

dental strategy

Let us help you with your dental strategy for 2017! We can work together to make sure you accomplish your dental goals this year. At Montclair Smile Design we know there are a lot of things involved with envisioning, creating and then accomplishing dental goals. Finding “the right dentist,” finding the time and planning the finances may just be a few.

Dental Strategy #1: Find the RIGHT Dentist

Finding a dentist that you connect with and that you trust can be challenging. Thankfully Dr. Becker and Dr. Catalano are passionate about what they do, have been doing it for a 30+ years, are personable and trustworthy. Both dentists are constantly making sure they are up to date on the latest innovations in dentistry so that they can continue to bring you the best! They customize treatment plans big and small for each of their patients needs, ensuring that you get whats best for individuals.

Dental Strategy #2: Finding Time

Ah time, how elusive you can be! One of the keys to finding the time is making the time: schedule an appointment and stick with it! Sometimes when we set goals, in this scenario it’s a dental appointment, we set them in our head and think, “Yeah that’s a good idea! I’m going to do that!” But we neglect to follow through. One of the best ways to see a goal through to the end is to write it down and put it somewhere that you can see daily. That makes it a real and tangible thing that becomes more than a fleeting thought. At Montclair Smile Design we help you with appointments and reminding you of them via email, texts and phone calls. We won’t let you forget!dental strategy

Dental Strategy #3: Finances

Did you know that with the new year your dental benefits (for the majority of dental plans) have reset? Isn’t that great news? Now you can start creating your dental strategy for the year and be able to incorporate those benefits into your financial plan in regards to getting the dental treatment you are in need of. We can help you understand your benefits, help you use them efficiently and maximize them to get what you need. As we all are aware, dental benefits are sometimes lacking… Luckily we offer additional help! We offer CareCredit, a financing company that can offer qualified applicants six months of interest free financing for dental treatment.

Call us today at 510-339-0277 and let’s work together to get your dental strategy planned for 2017!

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