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Did you know that Montclair Smile Design is a great place to work? Your Oakland Dentists are not only fabulous dentists to have, but are amazing employers! They are loved by their staff, and this is shown by how long their staff has stayed with them. Plus, their patients are AMAZING! Who wouldn’t want to work here?

Are you ready for these statistics!? Karen and Tara have worked with Dr. Becker for over 13 years, Angela for 8 years, Ari for 9 years, Shelly for 7 years, Lindsay for 6 years, Shany for 4 years, Ruth returned last year after a hiatus to raise her family, and Lauren has recently joined our dental family 3 months ago! Phew! The loyalty that the staff has to their dental family is heartwarming.

As excited as we are to celebrate these amazing staff members, we are always saddened when a member leaves to pursue other endeavors. Our administrative wonder woman Lindsay has applied, interviewed and been accepted into the Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences program for Sonography! We are all delighted for her success in this extremely competitive program. The whole Montclair Smile Design team and patients alike are going to miss her! This practice has been a second family to Lindsay, and after 6 years she has created lifelong friendships that no absence can fade.


“Lindsay has been a crucial part of our team and she will be missed more than words can say. Our hearts are broken, but we are so happy for her too! We wish her nothing but success.”- Dr. Becker


first staff mtg 2010


<< In the beginning! Lindsay’s first Staff Development Day 2010


AACD SF 2015

↓   AACD in San Francisco 2015 →

It’s Dr. Drew!!                   

IMG_7469 Christmas party 2012




                                Holiday Gathering 2013>>



   Annual Alameda County Crab Feed




Lindsay’s personality, energy and love of patient care has left quite a mark on our practice.



If you have any goodbye/good luck wishes post them in the comments below! Your Oakland Dentists, Dr. Becker and Dr. Catalano, would love to hear how Lindsay has helped you or made your day is some way. BEST OF LUCK LINDSAY!



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